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We are team of geeks and passionate people. Our goal is to empower and improve everyone’s life through IT. We help companies build great products to improve life quality

We started our company since 2019 as a “perseroan terbatas (PT)”. In Indonesia, PT is the highest level from 4 kinds of legal entity. PT is legal to do international business, including foreign investment.
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Our Services

Product Caretaker

We do long term product development and maintenance. If you have long road map for your product(s), worries not. Just focus on the business part, and we do the technical for you.

Project Finisher

Like a marathon finisher that run on certain target and finish it during the time set. We offer service to work on your project and ensure that everything is done within the time frame.

Geeks Provider

Need human resource, but does not want to go through talent hunting and hiring? Worries not. We provide hourly-based developers, testers, and project managers. Just pay for their actual time of works and get the results.

Our Portfolio

Dapur Mami

Marketplace and donation platform for home made food. Build using Flutter (frontend) and NodeJS (backend)

Sahabat Kebaikan

Donation platform for social movement. Built using ReactJS (frontend) and NodeJS (backend). The front end is open sourced at GitHub


Joint project with Pimpinan Wilayah Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. Muhammadiyah is one of the biggest community organization in Indonesia. Built using Kotlin (frontend) and NodeJS (backend)

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